Social media is a double edged sword

Although it was released a few days ago on Eid al-Adha, the movie “The Ruby’s House” managed to exceed 15 million pounds as revenues inside Egypt during those days, but rather garnered various opinions from the audience, which made her very happy, especially since it was the first time that she cooperated with a team. The entire work, where Tara Imad confirmed in her interview with her happiness with the reactions about the film in general and her role in particular, and what is written about it, and also that she presents a different and new character that she had not presented before on the screen, and about the most difficult scenes for her, and what The reason why many associate her with Amy Samir Ghanem.

Actress Tara Emad

* How did you find the reactions to “The Ruby House”?

I did not expect all this, the reactions are strong, and the truth is that I am happy is a little frank expression of what I received and received from the opinions of those around me and even from the media and a number of critics, and the truth is that I have been trying to choose my roles for some time, which makes me happy when I receive strong reactions in this way Overall, I’m happy with the movie experience.

What motivated you to participate in the film?

What attracted me in the film was the paper, as it is very good and excited me since reading the script. The film discusses the issue of social media in a somewhat comical way. It is also the first time that I play a pregnant role in a film. Of course, when I learned who the film’s protagonists are, I felt awe because they are stars for the first time. I work with them, and that is why I was very excited about the movie for all its details, and I also wanted the audience to watch the movie for its important cause, because it presents a different story, and for her it sheds light on the life of the “influencers”, who are a group that broke into social media, and they made life difficult for some through Their way of making the expectations and aspirations of the followers high, and when they look at the ground of reality, they feel a great irony.

The Ruby House movie

The Ruby House movie

How was your preparation for the character?

Since I received the script, I prepared for the character a lot, as this is the first time that I play a pregnant role and in the sixth month, I tried to gather everything I needed for that, because most of her important scenes at work were pregnant, and the moment of delivery was one of the decisive moments of work, as for For the personality, it is spontaneous and simple, as my personality does not have an explicit comedy, as it is an influencer girl and loves to stand in front of the camera, and there are people on the social media, I personally love what they do and I focused with them in the last period and they were definitely a source of inspiration for me to present my role, and the director Betty Mimi is credited to him in every What I presented on the screen, especially in the birth scene, and when I went to the premiere while watching the movie, I was surprised by the audience’s reactions.

How was the behind the scenes work?

The scenes of working with Karim Abdel Aziz and Karim Mahmoud Abdel Aziz were full of banter and laughter all the time, so the scenes were easy, smooth and very tasty, and the Ruby House is the second collaboration between me and Karim Abdel Aziz, as I participated in the movie Blue Elephant 2 with him, and there is a huge difference between my personality Here and there, he is also a good person, and he loves to help people, and when I make a scene he likes, he encourages me. As for Nour, she was the character we laughed the most with in the scenes, and her blood was very light, all the time he laughed, so I hope to repeat the experience and that it will not be our last experience together.

Ruby House

Ruby House

* The film deals with social media and its impact on society.. How is that?

Indeed, the film deals with an important issue. Social media is a double-edged sword, depending on how we use it and how it controls our lives, our thoughts, and our way. The film discusses this issue in a close and real way with the people in this cyberspace, and I personally fear this world despite my presence in it greatly. Social is useful to me as an actress and I talk through it about the issues that concern me, and everyone in their work these networks differs with him in some way, but it is important that we are aware and how we deal with the news spread on it, and not bully people and this is an ugly matter and unfortunately its size is very large.

Tell us more about your personality?

I play the role of the wife of the artist, Karim Mahmoud Abdelaziz, who loves him and is completely satisfied with her way of life and presents the life of the “influencers”, and how they spend long hours of their day in front of phone screens and reveal to followers the details of their day and their private lives, even from inside their homes with the door closed to them.

Within the work events, she reaches a great stage of nervousness, which made her suffer from a “divorce” situation, while she was in the car with her husband, Karim Mahmoud Abdel Aziz, the daughter of her husband’s brother, who is the child Lucinda Suleiman, and the wife of her husband’s brother, who is the artist Nour, and her profession is a gynecologist, but she faced an accident that made her She is forced to leave her work and life in Cairo and travel far to start over.



Is the birth scene the reason for likening Amy Samir Ghanem?

The similarity is in something that was presented in many films, including the movie “Tita Rabeeh.” My character in the film is going through a painful experience when she gets a special shot to give birth while on her way to the hospital, but the road was crowded with cars, so she had to give birth while she was in the car on the road, under the supervision of the artist Nour , who was able to regain confidence in herself again, and in her abilities as a doctor.

The idea of ​​the character having to deliver her first child in the car and on the road was a scene close to that of the artist Amy Samir Ghanem in the movie “Tita Rahiba” that was shown in 2012, and the idea of ​​“birth” outside the hospital and on the road was shown in more than one artwork and it is generally A difficult and painful experience, difficult even to imagine.

Are there other difficult scenes in the movie?

There are no difficulties in it other than the timing of its filming, but we were filming in the cold in Taba and we were committed to a filming schedule, and I think that the Taba scenes are the most difficult part of the film because of their timing.

* What about the new?

I recently finished filming “The Jeweler”, and it is scheduled to be released soon in theaters. The film revolves around a comic about a jewelry merchant who gets into many troubles and embarrassing situations because of his wife. What leads to his admission to a mental and neurological hospital, and I participate in it with each of the artist Muhammad Heneidy, Mona Zaki, Lebleba, Ahmed Halawa, Tara Imad, Ahmed Salah Al-Saadani, Aser Yassin, Bassem Samra, Arefa Abdel Rasoul and other stars, written by Omar Taher, Directed by Islam Khairy.

Will there be an opportunity to return to the theater again?

I have been busy in the past period filming “The Ruby’s House” and other works, but I hope to return to the theater, but until this moment I have not contracted for any new play.

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