The head of the Libyan State Council is discussing with the British ambassador holding the elections

On Sunday, the head of the Libyan High Council of State, Khaled Al-Mishri, discussed with the British Ambassador to Libya, Caroline Hurndall, holding elections according to the laws of the Joint Committee (6 + 6).

The media office of the State Council stated in a statement that the two sides discussed the adoption of a road map for the implementation of electoral laws by the State and Representatives Councils, and confirmed that the results of the joint committee are “final and binding.”

The two sides also discussed the possibility of conducting discussions and dialogues to increase consensus between political parties to reach elections that could not be held in 2021.

It is scheduled that the House of Representatives and the state in Libya will hold two separate sessions, tomorrow, Monday, to discuss the proposal of the joint (6 + 6) committee regarding the road map for the implementation of electoral laws.

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