The investigation of Trump’s cases cost the American “justice” millions of dollars

A financial report released by the US State Department on Friday showed that the Department of Justice and Special Counsel Jack Smith spent more than $9 million in the first four months he spent investigating the former president. Donald Trump According to the American “Axios” website.

Smith’s office spent about $5.4 million between November and the end of March when it was appointed to investigate Trump’s handling of classified documents and involvement in the January 6 Capitol riot, according to the Justice Department.

The Department of Justice spent an additional $3.8 million to support the investigation, which includes “the cost of protection details for special counsel when necessary,” according to the report. The majority of Smith’s expenses went to personnel expenses and other litigation support.

Special Counsel Robert Hoare, who is investigating classified documents discovered at President Joe Biden’s home and private residence, also spent about $600,000 in the first two months of the investigation, according to a separate report released by the Justice Department on Friday.

The Justice Department appointed Smith last year to oversee a federal criminal investigation into Trump’s efforts to overturn the 2020 election and his handling of classified documents.

Trump pleaded not guilty last month to charges of withholding classified information and obstruction of justice.

Attorney General Merrick Garland appointed Robert Hoare in January to lead the investigation into Biden’s handling of classified documents.

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