The separation of our economy from China would be disastrous for both countries and the world

There is no doubt that the differences between United States and China It no longer stops at a specific file, from trade exchange, the leakage of the Corona virus, then the issue of the island of Taiwan, even espionage, whether through balloons or the Tik Tok application, in addition to the American apprehension of the Sino-Russian rapprochement and many others, all of these points sparked a dispute that became clear to the world between the two largest economic powers.

Accordingly, US Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen renewed her warning on Sunday that there are major differences with China that must be discussed clearly and directly.

Disastrous results

She added, after a four-day visit to Beijing, that the United States and China should commit to managing their relations responsibly.

It also warned again that the economic separation of China and America would be disastrous for the two countries and the world, warning Chinese companies against violating the sanctions against Russia.

She pointed out that the talks in Beijing put relations on a more secure basis, especially since she met with senior government officials there.

She stated that these talks constituted a step forward in the efforts of the two countries to put the relationship between the United States and China on a more solid foundation, expecting that this trip would help build a flexible and fruitful channel of communication with the new Chinese economic team.

It also considered that the trade restrictions are not intended to gain an “economic advantage” over China.

The minister’s words came after her remarks, Friday, to representatives of American companies in China, that disengagement between the two largest economies in the world is “practically impossible.”

Yellen said at the time that her country seeks diversification, not separation, explaining that the disengagement between the two largest economies in the world will destabilize the global economy.

The US secretary called for market reforms in the world’s second largest economy, noting that the United States and its allies would resist what she described as China’s “unfair economic practices”.

Visit to relieve stress

It is noteworthy that Yellen had also met with Chinese Central Bank Governor Yi Gang and the country’s former chief economic official Liu He for informal talks on the US and Chinese economies and the global economic situation last Friday.

The official visited Beijing, seeking to ease tensions between the two world powers.

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