“We don’t know how to act.” A scene in the Nelly Karim series triggers a crisis

A major case of controversy, the latest of which was the series “Why not”, the third part, which is starring Nelly Karim and its episodes are being shown at the present time, because of a scene that contained a sentence that angered a number of members of the Syndicate of Acting Professions.

The series, which is shown on the “Shahid” platform, and received great interaction from the audience, contained a scene in which a dialogue takes place between two actresses, about the Faculty of Arts, Department of Theater Sciences.

“The Academy of Arts really likes acting.”

Where one was talking about a friend’s love for arts and acting and asking for her advice as a doctor in the Faculty of Arts, Department of Theater Sciences, but she replied to her, saying, “We do not know strong acting.. The Academy of Arts is the one who really sold acting.”

This caused the anger of a large segment of those belonging to these departments, which prompted the Syndicate of Representative Professions to denounce what happened, after it issued a statement confirming that the theater departments in all Egyptian universities are pioneering departments.

The syndicate’s statement mentioned a group of names of artistic figures who taught at these universities, to demand, at the end of its statement, that the producing company delete the scene out of respect and appreciation for the art of theater, its professors, and Egyptian universities.

Quick apology

The response came quickly from the company producing the series, after it issued a statement clarifying its position, and declaring its respect for all institutions that make great efforts in educating generations and graduating technical cadres.

The company revealed that the scene is not intended to offend or belittle professors or universities, but rather it is intended to differentiate between theoretical study and practical experience, and that all parties do not know the same as each other, while repeating their respect for all professors, colleagues and artists.

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