Where did the railway disappear? A terrible video of a train driver avoiding a disaster

In an indescribable scene, a brave train conductor in Uganda was able to make the right decision at the right time, sparing the country a catastrophe of a heavy kind.

It turned out that the driver stopped the train engine and pulled the brakes, after discovering that the remaining railway had completely disappeared, according to local media.

A scene that has never happened before

It was reported that this scene has not happened before.

And a video clip that spread like wildfire showed the train stopping in the middle of the road, amid the astonishment of passers-by.

Thieves stole it or buried it in the dirt?

While comments on social media indicated that the railway had disappeared after thieves stole it for the purpose of selling it.

Others said that the soil buried her, without an official announcement from the authorities explaining what happened.

It is noteworthy that the video was widely circulated on Twitter, especially since train accidents are usually catastrophic and leave many victims, amid widespread praise for the driver’s behavior and wisdom.

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