A video of slaughtered donkeys in an Egyptian village raises panic…and the authorities are investigating

The Egyptian security services managed to seize a donkey farm in which slaughtered and skinned donkeys were found in a village in the northern Menoufia governorate.

The authorities received a notification from the residents of the village of Manshaat Sultan, which is affiliated with the city of Menouf, in the Menoufia Governorate, that a farm had been found in the village containing dead donkeys, other slaughtered donkeys, and a third skinned donkey, which sparked panic for fear of selling their meat to citizens.

The Egyptian Public Prosecution decided to assign a veterinary team to examine live donkeys and seized dead donkeys, after counting the number of 5 dead donkeys, and 14 live donkeys, with a total of 19 donkeys.

Investigations revealed that the farm is rented to a 40-year-old person who works as a trader and was previously accused of slaughtering and skinning donkeys a year ago.

The accused was arrested and referred to the prosecution, which asked the security services to quickly investigate and ensure that the meat of these donkeys did not sneak into the market.

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