An angry witness stormed the Bank of Egypt and Lebanon and detained the manager until he recovered his deposit

An angry Lebanese managed to recover his deposit, which had been withheld since the end of 2019, in the “Bank of Egypt and Lebanon” Beirut branch, after it stormed it today, Monday, and took its manager, Jad Bou Chedid, hostage.

Omar Al-Awar said in a video in which he appeared, that he was carrying a liquid, the type of which he did not mention except that it was burning acid, and he would not come out until after he recovered his deposit of 6,500 dollars, “even over my dead body,” meaning that he would continue to detain him until death, according to what can be concluded from the threat and intimidation.

And the “Depositors’ Cry” association stated in a tweet on Twitter, “The depositor Omar Al-Awar is holding the branch manager of the Bank of Egypt and Lebanon hostage, and is demanding that he hand over his entire deposit,” indicating that the angry person has a deposit of $6,500 and is demanding it in full.

Then, in a second tweet, it was reported that Al-Awar left the bank after he received his deposit, but that he is being held at a police station in Beirut, and he was later released. Therefore, the association quoted him in a third tweet as saying that life is for the strong, not for the weak, adding that the association will support all depositors to free their money.

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