Calls for demonstrations in France following the violent arrest of a black youth

The violent arrest of the brother of a young black man in Paris, whose death in 2016 was seen as an expression of Police violence in FranceOn Sunday, there was indignation and calls for demonstrations in a country that had just witnessed Wave of riots in cities.

Youssef Traoré was arrested on Saturday on the sidelines of a banned demonstration in which 2,000 people participated to commemorate his brother Adama, who died shortly after his arrest in July 2016 in the Paris region.

The video clip, which was filmed by witnesses, showed his arrest while he was resisting the two policemen before they put him on the ground. Youssef Traoré, who was injured in the eye, was taken to hospital.

According to what was reported by the agency, “Agence France Presse,” an informed source, Traore “hit” a police commissioner at the beginning of the prohibited assembly.

These images drew condemnation from the French left. “So disgraceful. There was no reason for it. Everything was going so well,” Sandrine Russo, a Greens lawmaker, wrote on Twitter. As Eric Cockerell of the “France the Father” party wrote: “It is further oppression for the Traoré family.”

Youssef Traore, 29, who was discharged from the hospital, with his right eye swollen and a torn shirt, appeared in a video clip posted on Twitter on Sunday by the “Truth to Adama” account, which confirmed that he “had a broken nose and bruises in the head with bruises in the eye, chest and abdomen.”

About fifty people gathered over two hours Sunday in front of a police station in Paris to demand the release of another man who was arrested on Saturday during the banned demonstration.

And launched a new call for a “wide demonstration” against police violence on July 15 in Paris.

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