Foodstuffs that you can eat after the expiry date.. Get to know them

It is very important to check the expiry date of food products that we buy from stores. In this regard, a Russian nutritionist said that food producers, when determining the shelf life of their products, usually fix the shortest period on their packages.

Nutrition expert Dr. Natalia Kruglova indicated, according to what was reported by the Russian media, that: “The shelf life is the period of time during which the food item retains its flavor, aroma, and physico-chemical properties and remains safe from the point of view of microbiology.”

Expiration date – expressive

She said the difference between the actual expiration date determined by lab tests and the date on the package is called the “buffer factor”. This coefficient is different for different products. For example, for commodities with a shelf life of 7 days, the buffer factor is equal to 1.5. For those with a validity period of 30 days – it is equivalent to 1.3, and for goods whose validity period exceeds 30 days, it is equivalent to 1.2.

Accordingly, if the validity period indicated on the package is 7 days, it actually maintains its validity for 10 days. According to the Russian expert, the largest reserve coefficient is for baby food and is equal to 2. That is, the producing company fixes on the packaging half of the real shelf life to avoid any negative results.

She added, “Expired materials can be used if they are not exposed to the influence of oxygen. Because oxygen is necessary for the growth and reproduction of most disease-causing microorganisms.”

According to them, the shelf life of frozen items can be extended as well. Natural preservatives such as salt and sugar (30 years) are attributed to materials that can be stored for a long period of time, as well as grains, legumes, pasta, etc. for up to 15 years. As for materials containing vegetable oils and water, such as nuts, dried meat, fish, egg powder and flour, they spoil after the expiration date, and become bitter tasting because the oils they contain interact with the oxygen in the air.

The expert recommends paying attention to the storage conditions of the products as well, and not just their validity period. Bread should not be stored in a closed plastic bag, and fruits will not maintain their quality for long under sunlight and high temperatures.

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