I worry if a rumor about me does not appear for one day!

Although his new film did not achieve great success at the box office during the Eid al-Adha season, the positive reactions he received made him happy, and he is waiting for a larger audience to see his film away from the Eid al-Adha season, which was confirmed by Captain Magdy Abdel Ghani, the club player. The former Al-Ahly, who appeared as a guest of honor in the movie “Mr. X” when he said that Ahmed Fahmy is one of the very strong actors and offers difficult roles, but he gave up his rights somewhat; Because it takes a lot of time to reach a decision in choosing the role.

While the artist, Ahmed Fahmy, confirmed in his interview with that the film was very exhausting, as it took a year and a half to prepare for it, and that there is a second part of the film that will bear the name “Mr. and Mrs. X.” He also talked about his new series, “The Butcher of Giza.”

Ahmed Fahmy

How would you describe your experience with the movie “Mr. X”?

** I consider this movie one of the closest experiences to my heart, although it was very stressful for me, as it took a year and a half to prepare and shoot it, and in fact everyone made a great effort to get the work out as required, and I was also pleased to deal with all the work team, especially since it was the experience My second time with producer Ahmed El Sobky, and the first experience was the movie “The Third World War”, and I love working with him, and I was honored to work with him, as I see that we are facing strong competition from other films that are shown.

* Tell us about the experience of working with director Ahmed Abdel-Wahhab?

** I worked with Ahmed Abdel-Wahhab before in the series “The Wind of Madam” and he was at the time an executive director, but I am happy to participate in his first directing experience, especially since he has a different and distinctive vision despite the difficulty of implementing the film, we have made a great effort in it to pay attention to all its details. But the scenes were sweet because we are all basically friends, and that applies even to the days when shooting difficult scenes.

* How was Zahid nominated to participate in the action championship?

** The nomination of Hana Al-Zahed to star in the movie “Mr. X” came from the producer of the work, as it is the nomination of Ahmed Abdel-Wahhab and Ahmed Al-Sobky, the producer, and I leave all these matters and topics to the director and producer to be chosen impartially. On the other hand, here is a big star who has works starring her and her own, including important works, and she has the right to see the project that is suitable for her and accept or reject it, and when she was offered “Mr. X”, she agreed and we implemented it.

* But don’t you see that the film achieved weak revenues during the Eid al-Adha season?

** We cannot deny that the competition this season is very strong, and there is no film of a medium or weak level, and I wish everyone well, and the arrangement is not the most important thing, but the most important thing is that each film achieves distinguished results and numbers for it and the work producer.

* A large number of guests of honor appeared in the film, so was this intentional?

** I do not host guests of honor in the film unless each one of them has a role, and is very well employed, and the truth is that I thank them all, for they complimented me and stood beside us, and they have all the appreciation.

Ahmed Fahmy and his wife, artist Hana Al Zahed

Ahmed Fahmy and his wife, artist Hana Al Zahed

Is there a difference between the film presented by the late great artist Fouad Al-Mohandes with the same name as the hero?

** The two films are completely different and there is no similarity between them. Professor Fouad Al Mohandes’s movie was called “The Most Dangerous Man in the World”, and the “X” in my movie applies to “X Boy Friend” or “X Marriage”, and therefore it is very clear that the two works are different, which is What appeared in the advertisements for the work, and the idea of ​​​​my movie, is that a group of men resort to “X” to help them take them off from their wives.

* Many rumors spread about your separation from here Zahid, and also the existence of problems with Karim Fahmy.. So what is the truth of that?

** I got used to the rumors, even if no rumor was launched on me for one day, I became anxious, but when the information is correct, I only confirm it, but I do not care about everything that spreads about me, so I did not separate from here and there are no problems with my brother Karim Fahmy and his failure to attend the special show Because he was only in Paris, and I also did not attend his latest movie because I was in Italy.

Will there really be a second part of the movie?

** The end of the film opened the door to presenting a second part of it, especially since the general idea is that several parts of it may be presented, not just a second part. However, the issue is just an idea so far that has not risen to the stage of preparation or implementation, and if implementation is completed, the new part will be under the name “Mr. and Mrs. X”.

Ahmed Fahmy and the butcher series on Watch soon

Ahmed Fahmy and the butcher series on Watch soon

* You recently finished filming the series “Al-Saffah”.. Tell us about it

** Indeed, we filmed the eight episodes of the series in 5 months, because our interest is for the work to be like foreign works, and we have good capabilities provided by producer Tarek Nasr and the “Shahid” platform. The work revolves around a true story about the butcher of Giza, and we made a dramatic amendment to it in order to be able to present it in 8 episodes. We prepared this scenario in a year and a half, then it was the turn of director Hadi Al-Bagoury and we chose the shape of the character and his look, and I was told that the episodes that have been edited are very promising, and that they will be shown soon.

* And what about the work team that participated in the series?

** The series is the first work that brings me together with Bassem Samra, and I am happy with that because I love him on a personal and practical level.

* How do you evaluate the experience of the series “The Killer” for you?

** It is a unique and different experience for me, in which I present an unusual role in presenting it, and I consider it a real challenge in my artistic career, and I hope that the series will find great success, as we have worked on writing the story of the series during nearly a year and a half because the story is based on real events, and the producing company It provided great capabilities and great support to present the series in the best way.

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