Watch.. Jordanians come to bury an Egyptian expatriate who lives alone without relatives

In a humanitarian gesture that was well received by many, hundreds of Jordanians participated in the funeral of a migrant worker who holds Egyptian nationality, after he was stranded and lived alone in the Madaba governorate in central Jordan.

The late worker “Adel Sidqi Muhammad Shendi” from Mansoura Governorate in Egypt, who worked for 40 years in Jordan, was found dead inside his house last Thursday.

deceased Egyptian

Official and popular presence

The mayor of Greater Madaba, Aref Al-Rawajih, participated in the funeral of the Egyptian expatriate, Adel, as he instructed his relatives to be exempted from all fees incurred for burial ceremonies, preparations, and all cemetery equipment.

The circumstances of his death prevented the transfer of the deceased’s body to his relatives in Egypt, so that the decision to bury him in his second country, Jordan, came after serving the people of Madaba Governorate for 40 years.

In turn, the Mayor of Greater Madaba Municipality, Aref Al-Rawajih, conveyed his condolences and the sons of Madaba to the family of the deceased, offering the highest feelings of sympathy and condolences to his family, taking care of all fees related to burial procedures and securing a bus transporting the dead to facilitate the burial process.

The head of the Madaba Governorate Council, Muhammad Abu Rukba, participated in the burial ceremony, and a large number of Madaba residents and lovers gathered in an atmosphere that reflected the true bond between the Arab brothers.

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