A shocking picture showed a change in his features.. Iman Al-Bahr Darwish’s daughter occupies the minds of his fans

The audience of the Egyptian singer, Iman Al-Bahr Darwish, did not believe the severe deterioration of his health.

It became the talk of social networking sites after his daughter, Omnia Al-Bahr, published a picture of him on Facebook, in which the artist appeared on his sick bed.

Shocking picture

The Egyptian singer shocked his fans, as his features changed dramatically and he lost a lot of weight, and he was no longer able to get out of his bed.

While this is the first time that Iman al-Bahr Darwish appears after the deterioration of his health, especially since he has been suffering from health problems for more than two years, it turns out that this is an old picture.

It turned out that the artist’s daughter had re-published an old photo of her father dating back to 2021, and asked people to pray for him these days.

However, this step did not go unnoticed, as some criticized what Omnia did, considering that it was inappropriate to publish a picture of an artistic stature in this condition, according to the comments.

While other comments poured in on the post, calling for the Egyptian artist to recover quickly.

Omnia with her father, and the photo she posted

Sayed Darwish’s grandson

It is noteworthy that Eman Al-Bahr was known to have worked in the past on reviving the works of his grandfather, Sayed Darwish, and he presented them in an excellent way that was greatly admired in most of the Arab region, despite the difference in the style of his songs from the singing styles that were prevalent at the time.

It is also known about Iman Al-Bahr, that he was good at acting, especially in the movie “A Tale in Two Words”, where he starred with the artist, Laila Elwi, to the extent that the film was shown for more than a year. He also played the starring role in the series “Imam Al-Shafi’i” and also in the play “The Government’s Girl”, and he also put some soundtracks and sang the tunes for some TV series, according to his biography.

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