A trap from “Threads” may change perceptions.. Will we sacrifice Instagram?

still apply”ThreadsIt occupies the world and people days after its launch, claiming the title of the fastest growing application in history, outperforming the artificial intelligence chat application “ChatGPT”, which was launched last January.

However, a small trap that those eager to download the application did not seem to notice, could change their point of view to a large extent.

Some users were shocked when they discovered that deleting their new accounts on the application may come at an unexpected cost, because permanently deleting it may require the sacrifice of “Instagramwith both platforms intertwined.

Instagram: We’re looking into it

In addition, this news sparked a wave of complaints about the biggest enemy of the new application, the Twitter platform, with one user even describing Threads as a “saw trap”.

Another said: “I already deactivated my Threads account but it turns out you can’t delete your Threads account without deleting your Instagram account too, so maybe you’re not signing up.”

Faced with this confusion, Adam Mosseri, head of “Instagram”, went to “Threads” to clarify the situation surrounding the deletion of the account.

And the official said that, for clarification, you can deactivate our “Threads” account, which hides the “Threads” profile and the content of each user, and you can set the profile as private, and “Threads” posts can be deleted, all without deleting the “Instagram” account. your.

He added that “Threads” is supported by “Instagram”, so now it is just one account, but the photo platform is looking for a way to delete the private “Threads” account separately.


It is noteworthy that the text conversation platform is linked to “Instagram”, where users can follow the accounts they are already interested in on the photo-sharing application.

But many similarities were also drawn to Twitter, based on its use of Threads-like posts that allow users to share their opinions publicly, prompting Elon Musk to threaten Zuckerberg with legal action, accusing Threads of using Twitter’s “trade secrets”. .

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