It collided violently. Watch the moment a passenger plane crashed upon landing

A video clip widely circulated on social media platforms showed that a Somali passenger plane crashed horribly while landing at Mogadishu airport today, Tuesday, while all passengers miraculously survived amid reports of multiple injuries.

Surveillance cameras revealed the moment the plane deviated on the airport runway and violently collided with the barriers surrounding the runway, while parts of its structure were blown out as a result of the accident.

For her part, the Somali Minister of Transport and Civil Aviation, Ferdoussa Othman Aigal, announced that a person was injured as a result of a civil plane’s derailment at Adam Abdullah International Airport in the capital, Mogadishu, according to local media.

It has 50 passengers on board

The minister pointed out that “the plane, which was coming from the city of Growe, capital of the regional state of Puntland, deviated from its course on the airport runway.”

In turn, the Somali Civil Aviation Authority announced the crash of a civilian passenger plane while landing at Mogadishu International Airport.

According to the Minister of Air Transport, the plane was carrying about 50 people.

According to local Somali reports, the authorities are still not sure why the plane left the runway.

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