Prigozhin suffered from stomach cancer, which he treated under a false name and with a fake passport

Yevgeny Prigozhin, the leader of the Russian “Wagner Group”, underwent intensive treatment for stomach cancer, which he had suffered from for years, and may have been a factor in his decision to launch an armed rebellion against Moscow” a week ago, according to former employees cited by a Russian investigative website banned from the Kremlin. Proekt reported two days ago that Prigozhin now follows such a strict diet that no one has seen him drink anything stronger than orange juice in recent years.

And one of those who confirmed that he was subject to a strict diet was Marat Gabidullin, the former leader of the “Wagner Group”, who resigned from it 3 years ago. The British newspaper “The Times” quoted him today, Wednesday, as saying: “Despite the tradition of heavy drinking among Russian mercenaries. However, Prigozhin is a non-drinker, and I have never seen him sober, nor drunk,” he said.

The raid revealed everything

Documents on the investigative site show that Yevgeny Prigozhin, born 62 years ago in St. Petersburg, underwent unspecified treatment at the Sogaz Clinic associated with President Putin, owned by the Russian insurance company AO Sogaz, and its executive vice-president is businessman Mikhail Putin, who is believed to be a relative of President Putin, while its CEO has a working relationship with Putin’s eldest daughter, Maria Vorontsova, 38.

Prigozhin spent years being treated for cancer at the Sugaz Clinic, always under an assumed name

Prigozhin’s cancer treatment was revealed in the clinic, when security men raided his home on July 5 in St. Petersburg, and found forged passports in it. mentioned it in a report it published the next day, and one of the passports was in the name of Dmitry Geiler, registered As a VIP patient in the clinic. Medical equipment, including respirators, was also found. The raiders also found pictures of 4 men with their heads cut off.

The Times quoted a former Wagner Group employee as saying that Prigozhin’s unprecedented rebellion may have been the work of a man who had little to lose, as he had a stomach that had been removed. During the progress of the “group” towards Moscow, “it was much simpler, as he told his fighters: ‘I have gone crazy’,” indicating that he did not know what to do.

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