Russian drone attacks on Kiev for the second night in a row

Russia launched drone attacks on Kyiv And the area in which it is located for the second night in a row, while the Ukrainian air defense systems began to repel the attacks.

The head of the military administration of the Ukrainian capital, Serhiy Popko, confirmed on Telegram today, Wednesday, that “the air raid warning system is activated, and the air defense systems responded to the attacks as they approached Kiev.”

On its Telegram channel, the military administration in Kiev urged citizens to take shelter in shelters until the raids ended.

Raids on Kyiv and Odessa

Russia launched attacks on Kiev, the port city of Odessa and the southern region of Kherson on Tuesday, ahead of a NATO summit in Lithuania focused on ways to counter Russian security threats.

While there were no reports of deaths during the attacks on Kiev and Odessa last night. But the governor of the Kherson region, Oleksandr Prokudin, said that Russian forces bombed parts of the region, killing a woman in the village of Sofievka and wounding two people in the city of Kherson.

Warnings of air strikes were issued across Ukraine, where fighting continues, as NATO leaders gathered for a summit, which the Kremlin has criticized and said Moscow would not stand by to protect its security.

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For its part, the Ukrainian Air Force said that the air defense systems shot down 26 Iranian-made Shahed drones out of a total of 28 drones launched by Russia.

The Ukrainian military said debris from downed drones in the Kiev region damaged a number of homes. Officials said that an administrative building in the city of Odessa was damaged, and a fire broke out at a dock near the port of Odessa, and it was quickly extinguished.

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