The participation of parties from outside the region threatens Egypt’s mediation

The Sudanese Minister of Foreign Affairs, Ali Al-Sadiq, said today, Wednesday, that his country views “positively” the Egyptian mediation initiative, but he warned of the difficulty of achieving its goals if others from outside the region participate in it.

“We hope to achieve its goals”

Commenting on Egypt’s initiative to host a summit of Sudan’s neighboring countries to discuss ways to end the conflict, the minister added, in remarks to Sudan TV, “we look at it positively and hope to achieve its goals and solve Sudan’s problems.”

He added, “If the parties to the initiative multiply and others from outside the region are drawn into it, it will be difficult to achieve its objectives.”

Gains at the expense of Sudan

The foreign minister pointed out that Kenyan President William Ruto and Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed “want to achieve some gains in the region, but this will not be at the expense of Sudan.”

Yesterday, Tuesday, the Sudanese Foreign Ministry stressed its refusal to deploy any foreign forces, stressing that it would consider them hostile.

Condemning the statements of Abi Ahmed

She explained that “what was stated in the Quartet’s final statement regarding the absence of our delegation is inaccurate and contradicts reality,” denouncing the statements of Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed about imposing an air embargo on Sudan, contrary to his understandings with the Chairman of the Sovereignty Council, Abdel Fattah Al-Burhan.

The Government of Sudan also condemns and rejects the previous statements of Kenyan President William Ruto, which he repeated in the press conference following the meetings of the Quartet.

Welcome to Egypt Summit

The Sudanese Foreign Ministry’s statement welcomed the summit of Sudan’s neighboring countries, which Egypt will host tomorrow, Thursday.

Yesterday, the IGAD summit, hosted by the Ethiopian capital, Addis Ababa, ended to discuss solutions to the crisis in Sudan.

Call for the deployment of reserve forces

It caused anger among Sudanese circles due to the call for the deployment of reserve forces to East Africa, as well as statements made by Kenyan President William Ruto and Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed, calling for a no-fly zone and the disarmament of heavy weapons.

It is noteworthy that the conflict that erupted between the two major military forces in the country, since April 15, resulted in hundreds of deaths and thousands of injuries, while chaos prevailed in many regions, especially Khartoum and the Darfur region, amid international fears that the flame of tension would spread if the war extended to neighboring countries. , or turn into a civil and tribal war.

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