Watch Azerbaijani security arrest an Afghan who planned to attack the Israeli embassy

The Afghani, who was arrested by the Azerbaijani State Security Service while he was wandering last Sunday in the vicinity of the Israeli embassy in the capital, Baku, was probably planning an attack with weapons and bombs on it, according to a report by the agency, without mentioning the name of the embassy, ​​but rather a “foreign embassy” that he planned to target with an operation. And that he “entered the country from Iran,” and the agency put him in the charge of monitoring and surveillance until he was suspected and arrested.

Almost the same thing was mentioned in a report broadcast by the Israeli official radio, with the addition of the name of the Afghani, that he was Fawzan Musa Khan, 33 years old, and that he “was in contact with other people with the aim of planning the attack on the Israeli embassy” and that the Mossad, which monitored his movements, provided information to the Azeri authorities that helped He was arrested while gathering vital information about the embassy building, as part of preparations to carry out an attack for which he recruited and paid collaborators at the height of the planning process.

In the video presented above, and its source is a report on the website of the Azeri State Security Apparatus, and Al provided it with a translation, the identity of Fawzan Mosa Khan, born on January 4, 1990, appears in Kunduz, the capital of Kunduz province in northern Afghanistan, and then we see him walking near a building The embassy next to the Hyatt Regency Baku Hotel in the capital, holding his mobile phone, then he appears explaining to an interrogator what he intended, and then we see the attack on him in the street and taking him in detention.

The Azerbaijani security report also stated that Al-Afghani “came to Azerbaijan in order to carry out criminal acts” and that he carried out surveillance and monitoring operations around the premises of the embassy of a third country during his stay in Baku, and that he was arrested pending investigation on suspicion that he had agreed with others to involve them in the crime. Carry out the operation and obtain firearms and explosive materials for use in the scheme and the necessary financial support.

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