We will respond to Ukraine’s security guarantees

Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov threatened today, Wednesday, to respond to the resolve of the NATO group Provide security guarantees to UkraineHe pointed out that the “Seven” countries in this way attack Russia’s security.

Peskov told reporters: “We have a very negative attitude towards the issue of Ukraine’s accession to NATO, and this issue is directly related to the statement that the “seven” countries will provide security guarantees today to Ukraine, and we consider this a big mistake and potentially very dangerous.”

He also noted that “by providing any security guarantees to Ukraine, these countries are in fact ignoring the international principle of the indivisibility of security.”

“By providing security guarantees to Ukraine, they are attacking Russia’s security,” Peskov said.


The Kremlin also warned that Russia would have to take “countermeasures” if Ukraine used the cluster bombs that the United States said it would supply.

Peskov said, “The possible use (by Kiev) of this type of weapon changes the situation, and it inevitably obliges Russia to take certain countermeasures” to be decided by the Russian army at the time.

Security guarantee plan

This came after a White House official announced that the United States will announce a security guarantee plan for Ukraine at an event on Wednesday with the G7 member states.

“We will begin talks with Ukraine on long-term security assistance,” White House European Affairs Adviser Amanda Sloat told reporters.

Before that, German Chancellor Olaf Scholz announced yesterday, on the first day of the summit of NATO leaders, that his country would pave the way for granting Ukraine security guarantees.

“The Group of Seven (France, the United States, Britain, Germany, Japan, Italy and Canada) will present a joint declaration on security guarantees for Ukraine,” he said from Vilnius, Lithuania, which hosts the “NATO” meeting.

It is noteworthy that the leaders of the alliance started, yesterday, Tuesday, a summit in Vilnius, Lithuania, which will continue until today, in order to send a message of support to Ukraine, which continues a difficult counterattack against Moscow.

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