Horror in the Elysee .. “a severed finger” on Macron’s desk

The French newspaper “Valeurs actuelles” quoted a security source as saying that a severed finger was mailed to the Elysee Palace, the official residence of French President Emmanuel Macron.

The source pointed out that the Correspondence Department at the Elysee Palace received the “parcel” between July 9 and 10, days before France celebrates the National Day or Bastille Day on July 14.

The newspaper also quoted the source as saying that “the parcel did not carry any written message,” noting that “the finger was placed in the refrigerator at the presidential residence until the police received it during the night.”

The source confirmed that “the person with the amputated finger was identified, indicating that this matter” immediately led to taking the appropriate action in cases of distress, so that the concerned individual could be cared for by the competent departments and subjected to appropriate medical follow-up.

The Elysee Palace refused to comment on the incident.

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