My mother’s friend molested me.. and I dealt drugs when I was a child

Dele Alli, the former Tottenham star and the England national team, spoke about his suffering during his childhood, and revealed many shocking secrets about that difficult and tragic period.

Alli shone during his time with Tottenham, but he suffered from marginalization when Jose Mourinho was coach of the team, after which he moved to Everton and then went out on loan to Turkish Besiktas.

“A few things can give you an idea of ​​what my childhood was like. When I was six years old, I was sexually molested by a friend of my mother’s, who was an alcoholic. I was sent to live with my father in Africa to learn commitment.” and discipline.

“At seven I started smoking, and at eight I started dealing drugs. A friend told me that the police would never suspect a child, so I used to ride my bike with my soccer ball, and give drugs to whoever wanted them.”

He continued: At the age of 11, I was threatened with death, then I was adopted by wonderful people who helped me a lot. Recently, I became addicted to sleeping pills. I hid it for a long time and was afraid to reveal it, but I recently recovered after spending 6 weeks in a sanatorium in America.

And about the most difficult moments of his career, Alli said: Perhaps the saddest moment for me was when Jose Mourinho was Tottenham coach. I was twenty-four years old. I remember after a training, and he had told me I wasn’t going to play with him, I would look in the mirror and ask myself should I retire now? And I’m 24, should I stop doing the thing I love?

The 27-year-old played 269 matches in all competitions with Tottenham, during which he scored 67 goals, and in Everton he played 13 matches, but he did not succeed in scoring or making any goals.

Internationally, the player played his first match with the Three Lions in 2015, after which he played on 36 occasions, scoring 3 goals and passing 7 assists to his teammates.

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