One person was killed and at least four wounded in the bombing of Kiev

An aerial bombardment targeting Kiev at night killed one person and wounded at least four others, according to the authorities, Thursday, as explosions were heard for the third consecutive night in which it was exposed. Ukrainian capital to attacks.

Kiev Mayor Vitali Klitschko said emergency services responded to calls from Solomyansky, Shevchenkivsky, Podilsky and Darnitsky regions following “explosions in the capital”.

“In the Podilsky district, while firefighters were working to put out the fire in a residential building, the body of one person was found,” he added on Telegram.

Sergey Popko, head of the military administration in Kiev, also reported on Telegram that two people were injured in the Darnitsky district “as a result of falling debris”.

Klitschko indicated that two other people were treated at the site of the bombing in the Shevchenkivsky district.

Fire broke out in a residential building

He said that the fires broke out in a residential building in the Shevchenkivsky district and another non-residential building in the Podilsky district, adding that emergency services are present at the two locations.

A photo posted on the official account of the military administration in Kiev on Telegram showed a room in a high-rise building, part of its wall destroyed, in the Darnitsky district.

And the Ukrainian Air Force warned in a statement that the threat of bombing cities by Russian drones still exists.

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