Putin “lost the war” in Ukraine

US President Joe Biden considered, Thursday, that Russian President Vladimir Putin has “lost the war” in Ukraine, in light of Moscow’s suffering from a lack of resources and economic problems.

Biden said during a press conference in Helsinki after talks with the leaders of the Nordic countries that “Putin lost the war,” adding, “It is impossible for him to win the war in Ukraine.”

And the US President expected that “the Ukrainian counterattack will lead to negotiations with Russia to end the war.”

“I hope and expect, as you will see, that Ukraine will make significant progress in its offensive and that this will lead to a negotiated settlement at some point,” he said.

Biden stated that Ukraine will join the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO), adding that Russian President Putin “will decide in the end that it is not in Russia’s interest to continue the war.”

He explained that “Russia cannot continue its war with Ukraine for years.”

Biden added: “No one can join NATO during the war,” because that would mean the outbreak of a third world war.

The US president described the summit between his country and the Nordic countries as “very productive” and pledged to protect every inch of the territory of NATO member states, including Finland.

Biden stressed that “the United States is committed to Finland, committed to NATO, and these commitments are firmly established.”

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