The presence of F-16 fighters in Ukraine poses a “nuclear” threat to Moscow

to caution Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov In an interview with the electronic newspaper “”, he confirmed that the F-16 fighters that will be delivered to Ukraine will be considered by Moscow as a “nuclear” threat.

“We will consider the mere possession of similar systems by Ukrainian forces as a threat from the West in the nuclear field,” Lavrov told the newspaper. “Russia cannot ignore the ability of these devices to carry nuclear charges,” he added, noting that Moscow had warned the United States, the United Kingdom and France.

These modern warplanes were at the top of Kiev’s military demands from its Western allies.

Lavrov spoke of US plans to transfer F-16 fighters to Ukraine, although Washington did not give the green light to any country to hand them over.

The Netherlands and Denmark are leading a plan to train Ukrainian pilots to use the US-made aircraft as part of an alliance of 11 countries.

The program will start in Denmark in August, after being authorized by the United States.

In another context, Lavrov indicated that signing new agreements on resuming the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action on the Iranian nuclear program is not realistic at the present time, and there are no guarantees that the new US administration will not repeat the withdrawal from the agreement.

Iran nuclear deal

Lavrov told reporters today, Thursday: “It seems to me that it is not realistic to wait for this (the resumption of the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action), because the elections in the United States will be after a year and a new administration will come, and who knows which administration it will be, democratic or republican?” Guarantees that this new administration will not repeat the trick of withdrawing from the agreement reached.

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