The Ukrainians now have cluster munitions… and their progress is difficult

A senior Pentagon official said on Thursday evening that Ukraine had received cluster munitions sent by the United States.

Washington announced on July 7 that it would send cluster munitions to Kiev as part of an $800 million security package aimed at ensuring that Russian forces are unable to stop a Ukrainian counterattack.

In this context, the Pentagon official, Gen. Simms, said Thursday evening:There are cluster bombs in the possession of the Ukrainians now,” but stressed that “the Ukrainians have no intention of using cluster bombs in any civilian area.”

An empty cluster munition container stuck in the ground in a combat zone in Ukraine (archive)

He also said that “the advance of the Ukrainian forces in Counterattack is not easy Especially since the Russians have deployed a lot of mines.” He continued, “The Ukrainians are trying to advance along the front, perhaps not as fast as we would like, but the theater of operations is difficult.”

In another context, Smys said that “Denmark and the Netherlands are committed to training Ukrainian pilots for use of F-16 fighters. He added, “There are no details about the American training yet.”

Finally, the US defense official said, “The United States seeks to support the front in eastern Europe in light of the Russian war in Ukraine.”

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