A wrong habit killed them.. An entire family was killed in a house fire in Egypt

Because of a behavior that many people do without awareness or concern about its seriousness, an entire family in Egypt was killed in a fire that later turned out to be caused by an electric short circuit in the mobile phone charger.

The tragic story began with the head of the family leaving his mobile phone on the charger while he was asleep, and he did not know that this wrong habit would be a reason for ending the life of his entire family. While they were asleep, the charger caused an electrical short circuit that led to a fire inside the house without the victims noticing, and the fire hit the parents’ room. And she eliminated them, and the children suffocated and died after being taken to the hospital, so that the phone charger ended the life of the entire family.

The security services in Giza Governorate, south of Cairo, received a notification of a fire in a residential apartment in the Faisal area, and with the transfer of civil defense services and extinguishing the fire, it was found that the owner of the apartment and his wife died in the fire, while their two children were taken to the hospital, but they died later.

It was also found that a young man from the family’s relatives was present at the time of the fire, so he jumped from the third floor and fell on the second floor, sustaining fractures and wounds, and receiving hospital treatment. Also, a girl from the family’s relatives was injured in the fire.

Investigations revealed that the family was preparing on the morning of the fire to travel to Alexandria to spend the summer vacation, while the forensic laboratory report revealed during the prosecution’s investigations that the fire broke out due to a diamond from the mobile phone charger of the owner of the apartment, which he had left connected to the electric current during sleep, without a criminal suspicion in the matter. The fire broke out, and the necessary legal measures were taken.

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