“Atrocities” in Darfur demand accountability

The US State Department condemned Thursday the continued “atrocities and ethnically motivated killings” that are being committed in West Darfur, and she praised the investigation opened by the International Criminal Court in this context.

Department spokesman Matthew Miller said in a statement:of atrocities and violence in Darfur It requires accountability and a reasonable measure of justice for the victims and affected communities and an end to impunity.”

This comes as the ICC startedAn investigation into the escalation of hostilities in Darfur In Sudan since mid-April, including reports of murders, rape, arson, displacement and crimes affecting children, the court’s chief prosecutor told the United Nations Thursday.

“The office can confirm that it has initiated investigations relating to incidents in the context of the current hostilities,” the office of Attorney General Karim Khan said in a report to the UN Security Council.

Effects of fighting in Darfur

The report states that ICC prosecutors are “carefully following reports of extrajudicial killings, burning of homes and markets and looting in El Geneina, West Darfur, as well as the killing and displacement of civilians in North Darfur and elsewhere across Darfur.”

He added that the court was also looking into “allegations of sexual and gender-based crimes, including gang rape, and alleged reports of violence against children and crimes affecting them.”

The report stated that although the ICC cannot currently operate in Sudan due to the security situation, it intends to do so as soon as possible. Under a 2005 UN Security Council resolution, its jurisdiction is limited to the Darfur region.

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