200 people have been infected.. A strange disease threatens the residents of an Egyptian village, and the authorities are investigating

The people of an Egyptian village were exposed to a strange disease that spread and infected about 200 people with various symptoms.

The people of Naga Sanad in the village of Al-Aleqat, affiliated to the city of Qus, Qena Governorate, south of Cairo, confirmed that a strange disease had spread among the residents of the village, and its symptoms were a high temperature, broken bones, vomiting, dizziness and headache, and it continued for 7 days. drinking water.

The residents added that the symptoms are now easily transmitted between individuals, transmitted by insects and mosquitoes, while the Egyptian authorities began to confront the matter, as samples were taken from citizens to confirm the type of infection, in addition to a team from the governorate’s Health Directorate undertaking spraying operations against insects and mosquitoes inside the entire village to purify them.

The authorities also took samples of drinking water to ensure its safety, while it was decided to send a medical delegation to the village to follow up on the condition of the injured and provide them with the necessary treatment until the mysterious disease, its type, and its causes are ascertained.

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