A big decline for users of the Thareed application..and the company comments: We are not a substitute for Twitter

Last week, social media platform Thread reported logging 100 million subscriptions in just five days, but according to data from Sensor Tower and Likeweb, the service has seen a lot of dips in growth and engagement.

“The launch of Thareed has already generated massive, unprecedented footfall, but Sensor Tower data indicates a significant dip in user engagement since the launch of the app,” Anthony Bartolacci, managing director of Sensor Tower, a marketing company, told CNBC. The number of daily active users of the platform is about 20% compared to Saturday, and the time spent by the user decreased by 50% from 20 minutes to 10 minutes.

“These early results suggest that despite its flashy launch, the app will face an uphill climb to gain ground among social networks,” Bartolacci commented.

“It is likely that meta support and integration with Instagram will result in much higher app flooding than other services, but it will need to be more compelling than Twitter,” he added.

Data from similar companies showed that active users in the app decreased by more than 25% per day for users of the app on Android phones around the world.

Similar web data also indicated that usage time dropped by more than half, with the average time US users spent on the app dropping from about 20 minutes on July 6 to just over 8 minutes on July 10.

Since its debut on July 5, Thread has made headlines for its integration with Instagram. The Verge reports that users have already posted more than 95 million posts and 190 million likes.

“We’re excited about the initial success of Thread, which has exceeded our expectations. We launched the app just over a week ago, and our focus is now on ensuring stable performance, new feature introductions, and continuing to improve the experience in the coming months,” a Meta spokesperson said.

on Twitter account

Adam Mosseri, head of both Instagram and Thread at Meta, has been vocal about the fact that he doesn’t plan to prioritize news or politics on the new platform, which means it may not serve as an alternative to Twitter.

“Serious politics and news will inevitably appear on the app, and to some extent it is also on Instagram, but we will not do anything to support the spread of such news,” Mosseri wrote on Thread.

“Meta only needs one user in four on Instagram to be the size of Twitter,” Jasmine Enberg, principal analyst at Insider Intelligence, said in a statement.

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