A Jordanian doctor died of a thunderbolt in America

A Jordanian doctor died as a result of a thunderbolt that struck his home last Tuesday in the US state of Oklahoma, amid great grief among his family and relatives in Jordan and America.

Jordanian surgeon Hani Burhan El-Din El-Baradei, 52, a colonosurgeon, was accompanied by his wife and young daughter when a thunderbolt struck his house in the US state of Oklahoma.

A relative of the late doctor told that Hani tried to save his wife and daughter, but he inhaled a large amount of toxic gases emitted from the fire, which broke out due to the lightning strike, until the rescue teams arrived, which caused him to enter intensive care for three days, to die after that.

Doctor Hani is the father of two daughters, Hala and Hind. He is married to the Jordanian doctor, Arwa Harith Al-Hamoud. He completed his studies in general medicine from the University of Jordan, specializing in general surgery and then colon surgery.

Hani was buried and prayed for in America, and a funeral home was opened for him in the Dabouq area of ​​​​the Jordanian capital, Amman.

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