African immigrants received billions of dollars in remittances from their countries

An official in the Tunisian National Security Council said in a meeting on Friday evening that immigrants residing illegally in Tunisia received remittances of three billion dinars (about one billion dollars) from sub-Saharan African countries during the first half of 2023.

For his part, he said Tunisian President Kais Said The one who presided over the meeting said that this number is shocking and indicates that Tunisia is being targeted.

Saied strongly criticized this year the wave of illegal immigration from sub-Saharan Africa to his country, saying in a speech criticized by rights groups that it is a conspiracy aimed at changing the demographic composition of Tunisia.

The volume of transfers announced in the National Security Council is higher than the revenues of the vital tourism industry in Tunisia during the first half of the year, which amounted to 2.2 billion dinars.

Thousands of illegal immigrants have flocked to Sfax in recent months with the aim of setting off for Europe on boats run by people smugglers, leading to an unprecedented migration crisis in Tunisia.

Tunisia transported hundreds of migrants to Desert area along the border With Libya at the beginning of this month, after days of violence in the city of Sfax between residents and immigrants.

International and domestic rights groups have accused the authorities endangering the lives of immigrantsThe government transferred the migrants to shelters in two towns a few days ago.

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