Here Zahid reveals the details of “Love Story” directed by Othman Abu Laban

A state of extraordinary activity that she is experiencing during the last period, between theater and cinema and even the small screen, the artist here Zahid, who was recently shown the movie “Mr. X” in her first meeting with her husband Ahmed Fahmy on the cinema screen, and it is also the second work in the cinema that collected Between her and her sister, Farah al-Zahid.

And she confirmed that she enjoyed the cooperation with the distinguished work team, and on the other hand, she is preparing for more than one work, as she will be shown towards the end of this month a new series entitled “Seeb and I Seib”, which brings her together for the first time with the artist Ahmed Al-Saadani, and is her second absolute heroism on the small screen.

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She is also preparing for the second part of the movie “Love Story” with director Othman Abu Laban, and she also had a distinguished participation in front of the star Ahmed Helmy by standing on the stage with him for the first time in “Memo”, although it is not the first work that brings them together after she presented He has a number of radio works with him, and confirmed in her interview with that he is one of the artists she most wanted to work with.

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here ascetic

Your new series “Seeb and I Seib”

It is a social comedy series. In 10 episodes, we present a relationship between a married couple, Anna and Ahmed Al-Saadani, along with a group of friends they have had since childhood. We follow the impact of these relationships on them. During the work, I play the role of a seamstress who turns into a fashion blogger during the events, while Ahmed Al-Saadani plays the role of my husband and works as the owner of a car workshop. In fact, I am happy to cooperate for the first time with the artist Ahmed Al-Saadani, because working with him is distinguished, as he is cute and his blood is very light, whether in photography or outside it.

And how were the scenes of filming the series and the date of its presentation?

The series will be shown on July 22 on the “Watch” platform, and we finished recording a promotional song for the series a few days ago. Ahmed Al-Saadani participated in singing it, and it was written and composed by Aziz Al-Shafei, and distributed by Ahmed Adel, but until we reach this date, I stayed in Lebanon for more than two months, during which I lived. In a caravan for filming, since about September, and it lasted until the end of November, when I was unable to attend the activities of the 44th Cairo International Film Festival.

Mr. X movie

I was very happy to participate in it, as it is the first cinematic work that brings me together with Ahmed Fahmy at the level of cinema, and the third after the series “Al-Wad Sayed Al-Shahat”, which was shown in Ramadan 2019, and the play “Passport of His Forgiveness”, which was shown in Saudi Arabia in December of last year. I love working with him. Because he is very diligent and a brilliant actor and author, and I feel safe when I cooperate with him, because I do not take responsibility for anything.

Also, Bayoumi Fouad, Aws Aws, and Muhammad Anwar are my friends, and I loved working with them, and we enjoyed traveling together during the filming of the movie. 38 countries around the world.

What role drew you to participate in this film?

I embody the personality of a lawyer who was prompted by circumstances to leave the legal profession and meet Ahmed Fahmy, and many situations occur between them within the context of the work, whose events revolve in a comic framework around the idea of ​​the X or the former lover of each person, who is represented by the artist Ahmed Fahmy, and many paradoxes and important events occur between him and the heroes of the work. Also, the film was filmed in Cairo and a number of governorates, in addition to filming outside Egypt, including the Greek city of Cyprus, which included a number of action scenes.

Here is Al-Zahid and Ahmed Hatem from the movie “The Washing Machine”.

Here is Al-Zahid and Ahmed Hatem from the movie “The Washing Machine”.

How do you see the film from the audience’s point of view?

A social comedy film, suitable for all families, children and adults, and there is nothing in it that could offend modesty or cause distress to anyone. The film also includes many guests of honor who are loved by the audience, participating in events different from the guests who appeared in the film’s trailer, and the fact is that they A great addition to the movie, and the story is sweet, new and distinctive.

Mimo was different?

Indeed, I was pleased to work with Ahmed Helmy, which is a different experience. During the events of the play, I present the personality of a broadcaster who works on the radio with Ahmed Helmy and Hamdi Al-Mirghani, and I liked the character very much because I worked on it for a long time as preparations with director Hisham Atwa.

How did you find the reactions to it?

The play was very popular with the audience in Saudi Arabia, and the turnout for it was very high. The number of show days was increased from the original 10 days, and I think this is the longest play that has been shown in Saudi Arabia.

What’s new with you?

She contracted some time ago to participate in a new film entitled “A Break from Delicious Moments”, with the participation of the artist Hisham Majed, and the events of the film take place in a comic social framework, and the producing company continues to nominate the contract with the rest of the action heroes in order to announce the date of filming, and preparations for the part will also take place. The second is from the movie “Love Story” with Ahmed Hatem, directed by Othman Abu Laban, and written by Amani Souissi.

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