Shelter and custody dispute.. This is the fate of the children who got lost in the Amazon

The four children who left Rescued from the Colombian Amazon The hospital on Thursday evening after receiving treatment for a month in a military hospital, according to what was announced Friday by the National Authority for Childhood Protection, which will temporarily take custody of them.

The director of the Colombian Institute for Family Protection, Astrid Caceres, said during a press conference that the four children “have regained their weight, and their condition is very good.”

and stay Leslie (13 years old) and Solini (9 years old) Tian Noriel, 5, and Christine, 1, have been in the military hospital in Bogota since their rescue on June 9.

Caceres reassured that The four children They do not suffer any physical effects from wandering alone for 40 days in the Colombian jungle, in which they got lost after a small plane crash that was carrying them, which led to the death of their mother and two other people.

The official added that even Christine, who was less than a year old when the plane crashed on May 1, “has fully recovered in terms of physical development.”

The Colombian Institute for Family Protection announced that it would retain custody of the children for at least six months because “it is necessary to conduct an in-depth investigation of their circumstances and family environment”.

A dispute erupted over custody of the Ashfaa since their rescue between their maternal grandparents and the father of the two youngest children among them. The grandfather filed a lawsuit confirming that the father mistreats the siblings, which the father denies.

The four siblings will live with other children in a shelter affiliated with the Colombian Institute for Family Protection, whose location has not been disclosed. C├íceres only indicated that they would live in a rural area, where they would be “comfortable”.

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