Soon…a terrifying report about a solar storm destroying the Internet

The Washington Post revealed in a terrifying report titled “Is the Internet Era Ending Soon?” There is a solar storm that will hit the planet and eliminate the Internet infrastructure within the next two years, as the sun is close to reaching the largest heat wave in history.

In its report, the newspaper referred to the Carrington event that occurred in September 1859, when Earth witnessed the largest solar storm in history.

The Washington Post explained the details of the Carrington event and its impact on the Earth, pointing out that the Earth witnessed at that time the largest solar storm so far, in electrical disturbances from Paris to Boston, USA.

“People have also seen aurora all the way through the tropics, including in Cuba, Jamaica and Panama,” she added.

And the newspaper continued in its report and said that there was a solar storm after the Carrington event, which had hit the ground in 1989, and destroyed an electricity network in the Canadian province of Quebec for many hours.

The newspaper confirmed that since 2012, large storms have been absent, as the sun reaches its cycle every 11 years, and the sun will reach the maximum solar energy in the next 2025, and the current cycle will be more intense and impactful on Earth.

The report attributed the reason for this to the solar storm that carries electromagnetic waves, which could expose the Internet systems to a complete collapse, as well as the collapse of electricity networks and their exposure to interruptions in various countries of the world.

Experts claim that the sun will reach the peak of its last solar cycle in 2025, and as a result a solar storm will drive its way to Earth, according to what was published by the British Daily Star.

Although this isn’t anything unusual, having happened 25 times since records began in 1755, experts are alarmed because the current cycle has ramped up much faster than usual, and has seen more sunspots and eruptions than experts expected.

It is already known that solar storms contain electromagnetic pulses, which can cause devastating effects on Earth if they are large enough.

According to a spokesperson for the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration: “Tracking and forecasting the sun’s solar cycles gives a rough idea of ​​the frequency of space weather storms of all kinds, from radio blackouts to geomagnetic storms and solar radiation storms, and is used by many industries to gauge the potential impact of our weather.” space on Earth.

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