Spyware and hacking programs that may be on your phone .. delete them immediately

A company specializing in information security managed to discover two phone applications that were available for download on “Android” phones, and it turned out that they are nothing but spying and hacking programs that steal personal and sensitive information, including banking data, but the problem is that the two applications were removed from the “Google Play” store, After more than one and a half million people downloaded and used them.

In the details published by the British newspaper “Daily Mail”, and viewed by “Al”, experts were able to seize two applications that turned out to be spyware programs originating from China, and the experts called on users wherever they are in the world to delete these two applications immediately in order to preserve data. The person on the phone.

The report said that more than 1.5 million users of Android phones have downloaded these two applications from the Google Play Store, which are applications for spying, hacking and data theft. “These users have become vulnerable to Chinese hackers,” the newspaper noted.

The two aforementioned applications are (File Recovery & Data Recovery) and (File Manager), where he urged computer and information security experts to manually delete these applications from devices because they steal personal information.

The data being hijacked includes contact lists, photos, videos, and the user’s real-time location.

Cybersecurity company Pradeo discovered and reported the malicious apps to Google, and the tech giant has since promptly removed them, but more than 1.5 million users have already downloaded them on their mobile phones.

A person named “Wang Tom” appears as the developer of both applications, and claims that they do not collect user data, however, “Pradio” found this to be a mistake based on a deeper analysis. Pradio also revealed that the two apps hide home screen icons, making them more difficult to find and remove.

Pradio found that apps can copy contact lists connected to email accounts and social networks and those stored on the device, and users’ photos, audio and videos are compromised, along with their location, mobile country code and network provider name.

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