The actors join the writers in a major strike that paralyzes Hollywood

Striking Hollywood actors joined TV writers at rallies and rallies on Friday, the first day of a two-day strike that has forced major US studios to halt production over a row over workers’ demands for higher wages.

The double strike is the first of its kind in more than 60 years, and will exacerbate the economic damage caused by the writers’ strike that began on May 2, in a new blow to the multi-billion dollar sector at a time when it is already suffering from the impact of changes in its business model.

In New York City and Los Angeles, actors marched outside the offices of Warner Bros., Paramount and other major studios, chanting slogans and waving placards and flags.

The Screen Actors Guild (American Federation of Television and Radio Artists) is the largest union in Hollywood with 160,000 actors, and it and the Writers Guild of America are demanding higher base wages and spreads or fees paid for live broadcasts over the Internet, as well as guarantees that they will not be replaced by artificial intelligence.

The Screen Actors Guild announced the strike after failing to reach an agreement with major studios including Walt Disney and Netflix.

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