3 meals or more? The habit of expecting you to be very hungry, beware of it

It is known that the body needs a variety of food in order to obtain the energy it needs to complete its day.

And while most people follow the three meals a day system, the question remains about the most appropriate.

Pay attention.. expecting you to be very hungry

In order to answer these inquiries, the recommendations of the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention revealed that giving up some necessary meals per day would cause a person to experience severe hunger, and he would become more hungry to devour more food, and he might gain more weight.

She explained that the best in terms of health, according to the American Health Foundation, is to eat about 5 meals a day, but provided that they are small in terms of quantity.

She also suggested that it is desirable that the one-day diet include three balanced meals, in addition to two snacks, pointing out that the benefit is more if the nutrients of those meals are varied, such as whole grains, low in fat, and inclusive of vegetables and fiber.

Feeling hungry – expressive

Healthy snacks

It is noteworthy that the American Centers had warned of the need to ensure healthy snacks, away from foods with high levels of sugars such as chocolate or sweetened biscuits and others.

Some people who want to reduce excess weight give up meals such as breakfast, in order to reduce the number of calories they eat per day.

While the body weight decreases if it gets fewer calories than it needs, while it increases if a greater number of its daily needs are introduced.

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