A blind person discovers an error in the 20-pound denomination of the Egyptian currency

A blind Egyptian university professor discovered an error in the new 20-pound denomination of the Egyptian currency.

“Find the error in Braille”

In the details, Dr. Rami Mostafa, a teacher at the Faculty of Music Education at Helwan University, was able to discover a mistake in the new 20 pounds of plastic that had Braille writing for the blind.

He said, “When he held the new currency in his hand, he felt very sad, because the number on the paper turned out to not indicate that it was 20 pounds at all,” according to what was reported by the “Cairo 24” website.

“7 not 20”

He added, “The number on the new plastic sheet consists of 4 points 1245, stressing that in Braille, the number 7 is indicated, not 20, which contains two numbers, as each letter in Braille consists of 6 points.”

He also stressed that “any blind person, if he sees the new 20 pounds, will say that it is the number 7 immediately,” noting that “at least the original sign must always be placed so that it is in Braille 20 as well.”

The error finder, Dr. Rami Mustafa

Available for less than a month

It is noteworthy that, since last June 21, Egyptian banks have started making available the new plastic money of the 20-pound denomination, which was put forward by the Central Bank of Egypt.

This category of Egyptian currency is also distinguished for being the first to be offered in Braille using advanced technologies that allow the blind and visually impaired to distinguish it and learn its value by touching the prominent signs at the top left of the banknote.

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