After 10 years… Watch the moment the “women’s butcher” was arrested in New York

The American authorities arrested a killer involved in a series of murders of women and disposed of their bodies on Gilgo Beach in New York City, after more than 10 years of horrific crimes that remained unsolved.

A video clip showed the moment the “women’s butcher” was arrested, on Thursday, while he was walking around as security men surrounded and arrested him.

This came, after a new security investigation identified him as a suspect in March 2022, when investigators tied him to a pickup truck that a witness reported seeing when one of the victims disappeared in 2010, according to the Associated Press.

Rex A. Hormann is accused of killing three women among 11 human remains on Long Island between 2010 and 2011, in addition to being accused of killing another woman in 2007.

DNA found on one of the victims’ hair was matched with leftover pizza eaten by the accused, and authorities began tracking the architect’s movements since 2022.

The case occupied the American community for more than 10 years, as the mystery made local headlines for many years, amid the formation of an interagency working group with investigators from the FBI in addition to local police departments, in an attempt to solve the case.

While Hurmann denied all charges against him.

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