Due to an emergency, a female passenger intervened to save a plane that landed outside the runway

In an unenviable situation, a female passenger was forced to take the wheel on a small plane making an emergency landing in Massachusetts, in the northeastern United States, after the pilot had an emergency health condition, according to US police.

The emergency landing occurred on Saturday near Martha’s Vineyard Airport in West Tisbury, Massachusetts.

The Massachusetts State Police stated that the accident “resulted in a violent landing outside the runway, which led to the plane’s left wing breaking in the middle.”

It also explained that the pilot, a 79-year-old man, had an emergency while approaching his final destination.

While the authorities did not mention the name of any of the two people who were on the plane, and said that they were taken to hospital.

A serious, life-threatening condition

The pilot was also airlifted to a Boston hospital in serious, life-threatening condition.

Police said the passenger who landed the 2006 Piper Meridian, who had no experience piloting planes, was unharmed and released from a local hospital.

State police and the Federal Aviation Administration are investigating the crash.

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