Masked men at the airport.. Hundreds of Wagners arrive in Central Africa

While ambiguity still surrounds the whereabouts of the group’s leader, Yevgeny Prigozhin, hundreds of Wagner fighters have arrived in the Central African Republic to “ensure security” in this country during the constitutional referendum scheduled for July 30, according to what was announced Sunday by a group linked to the Russian military company.

Another plane arrives in Bangui.

“Another plane has arrived in Bangui carrying trainers to work in the Central African Republic … the planned rotation continues … hundreds of experienced professionals from Wagner join the team working in the Central African Republic,” the “Association of Officers for International Security” said on the Telegram application. . As reported by AFP.

The Russian group added, “The Russian trainers will continue to assist the CAR military and law enforcement forces in the CAR in ensuring security, in preparation for the constitutional referendum scheduled for July 30.”

Masked in military uniforms

The association attached its statement with a picture showing at least 30 masked people wearing military uniforms standing in line at an airport runway.

According to the United States, the Association of Officers for International Security is a front for the Wagner Group in the Central African Republic, and it is led by the Russian Alexander Ivanov, who has been under US sanctions since January.

In its statement on Sunday, the association confirmed that Wagner members have been training security forces in the Central African Republic for “more than five years” and have thus contributed to “enhancing the general level of security” in the country.

Misty about Wagner’s future

In early July, foreign sources reported that an unknown number of Wagner operatives were leaving the Central African Republic, which the latter vehemently denied.

Misty surrounds the status of the private military company and its continued operations since its failed insurrection in Russia on June 23-24.

However, it has not yet been confirmed that a disturbance was recorded in its external activity, especially in Syria and in many African countries (Sudan, Central African Republic and Mali).

Immediately after the end of the Wagner rebellion in Russia, Bangui announced that the company’s activities would “continue” on its territory.

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