The secret of Mohamed Henedy’s refusal to work with Adel Imam

For many years he was not spared Egyptian artist Mohamed Heneidy Among the news that talks about the existence of differences between him and the “leader” Adel Imam because of the latter’s anger at Heneidy’s refusal to work with him in a movie.

This matter caused great sensitivity between the duo, and undisclosed anger, especially since the beginning of Mohamed Heneidy’s career in the cinema came through the movie “Bakhit and Adela” with Adel Imam.

In a television interview, Mohamed Heneidy recently spoke about the matter, revealing wholesale surprises, most notably his refusal to actually work with Adel Imam in a movie. However, he narrated exactly what happened, as he confirmed that the film was shown to him after the success of “Bakhit and Adela”, but he found that the role did not suit him.

Adel Emam

Hindi recounted that he went to Adel Imam and asked him, saying: “Mr. Adel.. If there is a role you don’t like, would you do it?” Adel Imam replied, “No, of course.”

It was only for Huneidi to tell him that he did not like the role, which Adel Imam accepted with open arms, according to Huneidy.

Heneidy confirmed that the relationship between them continued very good after this situation, indicating that he was arranging to go to the “leader” and sit with him soon in order to check on him.

drug abuse crisis

In the television interview, Heneidy also touched on what Egyptian director Gamal Abdel Hamid mentioned months ago, when he said that Sherihan had saved Heneidy from prison and death after an overdose of drugs.

Heneidy confirmed that he was in a “very state of astonishment and silence” after this statement, pointing out that he is not a “little person” to respond to “things that happened many years ago,” so he “overcomes these matters and forgives those who repeat them,” stressing that this matter makes him feel With great comfort.

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