Watch Messi shopping in a supermarket and hardly anyone knows him or pays him attention

savor Argentine soccer star Lionel MessiA taste of a new shock for him, when he discovered that he was unknown to a large percentage of the population of the American city of Miami, and that whoever knew him there saw him last Thursday evening buying some needs from a supermarket called Publix in the city, accompanied by his wife Antonella Roccuzzo and their three children, who hardly paid attention to him, and the evidence It is a video in which the 36-year-old player appeared, completely different from what we saw last March 21 in Argentina.

At that time, someone caught a glimpse of him entering a restaurant in the capital, Buenos Aires, and within minutes the street corner was filled with more than 200 people who cut off traffic, and crowded with those who were in the restaurant to see him closely, and it seemed that he was disturbed, according to what concluded from an interview she conducted. He met with the Spanish newspaper Mundo Deportivo on June 7, in which he said that he would search in North America, “even if a little peace of mind,” as he put it.

With that phrase, he indicated his intention to contract with the American club Inter Miami, which happened when he signed a contract with him yesterday, Saturday, linking him until 2025 with the American League MLS soccer club, according to which he became a resident for about a week in Miami, in the state of Florida, where he could enjoy the simplest aspects of daily life, such as walking. With his wife and children, without being surrounded by hundreds of people who do the impossible to get a picture with him or an autograph.

Messi is not the only one who followed the path of searching in America for “peace of mind” from soccer celebrities, as he was preceded by the “black jewel” Pele, with his contract in 1975 with the New York Cosmos club for two years, which were among the most comfortable for the star who was unable to get out of His house in Brazil was only protected by the police, to the extent that one of them saw him in a restaurant going to the toilet to wash his hands, so he hurried to the chair he was sitting on and tried to steal it, but they caught him before he succeeded in his endeavor.

Threat from someone armed with a gun

Dutch soccer star Johan Cruyff was also one of the pioneers of the search for peace and tranquility in America, so he moved to it after he and his family suffered bouts of insecurity during his last year in Spain. Sneaking into his apartment in Barcelona, ​​the incident turned his life upside down, and he spent the last months under police protection.

Cruyff did not find a solution except by moving in 1979 to a country where football players are not famous, except in what is rare, which is the United States. Going to restaurants and riding horses, just as Lionel Messi is currently in Miami, and as the Irish football star George Best, who found peace by contracting with 4 American clubs in stages, and with a fifth Australian.

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