We are not close to any agreement on Iran’s nuclear

The US National Security Adviser, Jake Sullivan, confirmed today, Sunday, that his country is not close to any agreement regarding the Iranian nuclear program, according to what was reported by CBS.

No agreement about detainees

Sullivan also said Washington had not yet reached an agreement with Iran for the release of four Americans being held in Tehran.

He also added, “We made indirect contacts with Iran in this regard, in an attempt to reach an agreement that could release them. We did not reach an understanding that would release them at the present time.”

Last month, the US State Department completely denied reaching an interim nuclear agreement with Iran.


A spokesman for the White House’s National Security Council said, “Rumors about a nuclear agreement – temporary or otherwise – are false and misleading,” according to what was reported by “Axios.”

He also added, “Our policy toward Iran remains focused on curbing Iran’s destabilizing behavior through diplomatic pressure, close coordination with our allies, and de-escalation in the region.”

“This includes ensuring that Iran never acquires a nuclear weapon, so we are closely monitoring Iran’s enrichment activities, and we will use all necessary tools to ensure that this goal is achieved,” he added.

Talks stopped

American and European officials have been searching for months for ways to rein in Tehran’s nuclear program since the collapse or cessation of indirect US-Iranian talks on reviving the 2015 nuclear agreement between the two countries, which took place in Vienna for many months last year, with the participation of Britain, China, France and Germany. and Russia.

Then it stopped last August, after the marathon talks that were launched to revive the agreement to limit Iranian nuclear activities, in return for lifting international sanctions, stalled.

This stumble came after Tehran rejected a near-final proposal or draft submitted by the European mediator, amid increasing tensions between Iran and America.

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