“Black Sheep”… Diana’s famous jacket up for auction

The ‘black sheep’ jacket worn by the late British princess is on display DianaIt is for sale at auction later this summer, with an estimated price of $80,000.

The jacket is designed by Warm and Wonderful clothing brand. It will be offered by Sotheby’s for sale in an online auction, which it will hold from August 31 to September 14.

In June 1981

And I bounced Diana The jacket was first seen in June 1981 and she had seen Prince Charles playing polo a month before their wedding, which has fueled speculation about its significance.

The jacket also bears a picture of a black sheep among a group of white sheep.

The late princess’ private secretary had returned the jacket to Warm and Wonderful for repairs.

replacement piece

But the brand did send a replacement piece to the princess at the time, and it’s the one Diana wore for a photoshoot in 1983.

Joanna Osborne, co-founder of Warm and Wonderful, found the original jacket in the attic of her home in March.

The jacket is expected to fetch between $50,000 and $80,000.

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