Grief in Egypt.. dead and injured in the collapse of a 5-storey building

In a new tragic accident in Egypt, 6 people were killed and 4 others were injured when a 5-storey building collapsed in the Hadayek El-Qubba area in Cairo. Civil protection forces and the police immediately moved to the scene.

The Rescue Operations Room of the Cairo Security Directorate had received a report stating that a property consisting of a ground floor and 4 floors had collapsed. Immediately, the Civil Protection and police forces moved to the location of the report in the Hadayek al-Qobba area, and the ambulance facility was pushed with two cars, and the Arbaeen neighborhood was also sent with equipment to remove the rubble.

Immediately, the Civil Protection forces moved to extract the victims from the bottom of the rubble, and so far they have been able to recover 6 bodies from under the rubble, and 4 others were wounded, and they were transferred to Al-Demerdash Hospital to receive the necessary treatment.

The Civil Protection Forces continue their efforts to recover the victims, and a report of the incident is issued to notify the Public Prosecution, and the necessary measures are being taken regarding the incident, and two neighboring properties have been evacuated until their safety is checked.

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