Saudi-Japanese statement: The launch of the Saudi-Japanese “Manar” initiative for clean energy

issued Saudi Arabia and Japan Today, Monday, a joint statement was issued on the “Manar for Cooperation in the Field of Clean Energy” initiative between the two countries, where Prince Muhammad bin Salman bin Abdulaziz Al Saud, Crown Prince and Prime Minister of Saudi Arabia, and Fumio Kishida, Prime Minister of Japan, held a bilateral meeting. In Jeddah, during which they decided to launch the Saudi-Japanese “Manar” initiative.

And based on the aspirations of the two countries in the field of clean energy and their endeavor to reach zero neutrality, the two sides decided to establish the “Manar” initiative for cooperation in the field of clean energy, which will serve as a beacon for other countries and regions of the world in their endeavor to develop their strategies and plans to achieve their ambitions to reach neutrality. Zero.

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has its ambitions to reduce carbon emissions and reach zero neutrality, benefiting from being the lowest cost in the world in the production of renewable energy and clean hydrogen, as well as from its strategic location on the ways to export energy products to the world, according to the Saudi Press Agency, “SPA”.

Japan also has ambitions to reduce carbon emissions to achieve zero neutrality, and it is a world leader in clean energy technology solutions.

The “Manar” initiative aims to highlight the leadership of the Kingdom and Japan in clean energy projects and sustainable advanced materials, in addition to ensuring the flexibility of supply chains to achieve the sustainability and security of supplies. This initiative will reinforce Saudi Arabia’s ongoing efforts to become a hub for clean energy, mineral resources, and energy component supply chains.

The initiative includes the production of a number of sustainable materials, and the efforts made within the framework of the initiative will facilitate the participation of leading companies from the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and Japan, and the expansion of their continuous cooperation, which will lead to the production of many components in the energy supply chain that will enable the development of energy manar initiative projects, such as components Renewable energy.

Under this initiative, a number of projects will be developed that will drive the transition to clean energy, focusing on areas such as hydrogen and ammonia, synthetic fuels, circular carbon economy / carbon recycling, direct air carbon (DAC) and critical minerals needed to achieve resilience. Energy sector and supply chains, development of sustainable materials, exchange of knowledge and research.

In order to enable the Manar initiative, both countries affirmed their cooperation in promoting clean energy supply chains and mineral resources, through converging capabilities and common aspirations, and strengthening cooperation between companies and entities in both countries to contribute to the expansion of the clean energy market to reduce costs and increase the flexibility of supply chains.

Both countries will jointly develop the initiative’s action plan, define a detailed list of additional participants, and reach out to global and regional partners to join the initiative.

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