Dbeiba’s government’s decision to reorganize security sparks protests in the cities of the Western Mountain

The oldest population of western mountain cities bLibyaToday, Tuesday, several roads were closed, in protest against the decision of the Ministry of Interior to merge and reduce the security directorates in the region, which caused a state of controversy in the country.

The protesters set rubber wheels on fire and closed the roads linking Azizia and Nalut and Gharyan and Jadu, threatening to escalate if this decision was not withdrawn and its implementation reversed.

In the first week of this month, the Minister of Interior of the Government of National Unity, Imad Trabelsi, announced the reorganization of the security directorates in the western mountain regions, and issued a decision to include 11 directorates and merge them into 3, stressing that this decision came after a study prepared by a formed committee, and it is final and irreversible and it serves All cities and all regions of Libya.

of the protests in Libya

However, this decision was rejected by the mayors and notables of the western mountain municipalities, who threatened to stop their dealings with the government of Abdul Hamid al-Dabaiba, in the event that they did not back down.

In a statement, the residents of the Western Mountain cities considered that the reintegration of security directorates into 3 directorates poses a threat to the social fabric that will result in sensitivities and divisions and “awaken tribal strife between cities and regions.”

The deans added that the annexation of the directorates would create a kind of tension and cause a crack in relative stability and social peace, noting that the decision ignored the geographical and social composition, according to the memorandum.

The Deans also demanded the cancellation of the decision to be circulated, considering it an attempt to tamper with the balances within the mountain, and affirmed at the same time their rejection of these divisions, as they contain trends that oppose the desire of the people in the region.

of the protests in Libya

of the protests in Libya

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