Notice Prince William’s reaction to his wife’s fascination with a British actor

Many Britons believe, according to comments written by some of them on local media and communication sites, yesterday, Monday, that Prince William was “not comfortable” with looks attached to an enthusiastic feminine fascination, which he noticed on his wife, “Princess of Wales” Kate Middleton, when she was chatting Sunday with the actor. Britain’s James Norton in the final of the Wimbledon World Tennis Championships in London.

What sparked him most, and perhaps ignited the fuse of his jealousy, was that the princess apparently forgot that he was near her while she was talking to the actor born 37 years ago in London, because the chat lasted longer than what usually follows a fleeting handshake, according to what can be deduced from what was published by the British newspaper Express, attached. In the image published by, the main one above, and the video presented below, in which the 41-year-old prince looks surprised at his cheerful wife in her conversation with the actor, who in turn forgot that his partner, the English actress Imogen Poots, was also his telegram.

The “royal observers”, as they call themselves, could only comment discreetly on what appeared to be Prince William’s reaction to Princess Kate’s enthusiastic conversation with the star of the famous Happy Valley drama. However, one Twitterer swam against the tide, writing a face-bearing tweet, in which he said: “Catherine, Princess of Wales met actor James Norton today, William stopped chatting with actress Rachel Weisz, to catch a glimpse of his wife.” He was watching her.

However, others went down to the field of addressing what might generate more rumors because of it, and many of them agreed that James Norton would replace his compatriot Daniel Craig to play the role of James Bond, and that the “Princess of Wales” was talking to him on Sunday about this very matter, so Prince William was surprised by her speech What he did not know was one of her interests, and at that moment someone took the picture in which he appeared as if he was feeling jealous. That is, everything was like a whirlwind in a cup, and so it was.

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